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Zero Feed barrel with stitched EPDM rubber / Silicon barrel. For reduction of the feeding time

We also offer a unique service for Recess & Membrane filter plates ready Butterfly with “ZERO FILTRATION BARREL” manufactured special rubber, stitched in-between the barrel in sandwich form to stop cake build up in flow / feed holes

Butterfly with Chemical Coated. Drop - Free Filtration

Stops capillary dripping from the press or the fabric on the press edges

Gasket type butterfly for Drop - Free Filtration

Stops corrosive or harmful solvent fumes under production area

High-quality Filter Press Cloth for Membrane Filter Press. (Especially for Mining Industries.)

Hi-Tech Filters is a proven leader in mining filter cloth for: host of mining, Mineral processing & metallurgy applications included but not limited to processing of: Silver, Gold, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Iron, Cobalt.

Hi-Tech filters offers a range of monofilament and multifilament solutions for the demands of the mining industry for mine tailings and concentrate process. Our team works closely with our mining clients to optimize material selection, depending upon the specific mining application including: High-volume mine tailing for “dry stacking”, Mineral concentrates.

Standard Dimensions Filter Plates and filter cloth in mm / inch
Plate Size in inch 24" x 24" 36" x 36" 48" x 48" 60" x 60" 78" x 78" 86" x 86"
Cloth size in inch 26" x 30" 38" x 42" 52" x 54" 62" x 66" 82" x 86" 90" x 96"
Plate Size in mm 610 x 610 915 x 915 1200 x 1200 1500 x 1500 1980 x 1980 2200 x 2200
Cloth size in mm 660 x 762 965 x 1066 1320 x 1370 1575 x 1675 2082 x 2185 2285 x 2438

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